Eric Kimble

Eric Kimble with Fairway Independent Mortgage has been the go-to mortgage professional for thousands of Kentucky clients over the years. During that time, he has won numerous awards for both production and customer service. Eric truly enjoys making the home buying or refinancing process as enjoyable an experience as it should be. In Kentucky, many consider him the best in the business. If you would like to find out what sets him apart, give Eric a call – it won’t take long to find out why.

Eric is a local mortgage lender who specializes in mortgage planning, financial consultations, and mortgage loans. He loves working with both homebuyers and real estate agents. Eric’s office is located in Lexington, KY, but he also proudly serves all of Central Kentucky, including Nicholasville, Richmond, Georgetown, Elizabethtown, Radcliff, and Bardstown.

Why You Should Partner with a Mortgage Lender if you are a Real Estate Agent

The home buying process can be stressful for the home buyer and the real estate agent if you do not have trusted partners working together for the client. This is where the team at Fairway Independent Mortgage comes into play. While serving all of Central Kentucky and Tennessee, with offices in Lexington, Richmond, Elizabethtown, Owensboro, Louisville, and Nashville, we are truly unique in the way we conduct business. We would love the opportunity to demonstrate our core values, knowledge, and professionalism as a mortgage lender.

While home buyers ultimately decide which house they will purchase, real estate agents have to select criteria-based homes to show clients, place offers, and negotiate deals- all while keeping their clients content and happy with their service. To help make the process of closing on a home easier, many real estate agents choose to partner with a mortgage lender to have a direct referral for preapproval and loan products for their customers. This should always occur during the front end of the process, before even looking at a home to avoid any disappointments. If you are a real estate agent and you have never thought about partnering with a mortgage lender, Fairway Independent Mortgage wants to change that. Fairway’s overarching goal is to show you why it is a great decision for real estate agents to partner with a preferred and experienced mortgage lender.

Streamlined Efficiency
When clients begin looking for a home to buy, their first step should be acquiring a realtor and looking into lenders for a reliable, preapproval amount toward a loan. Unfortunately, many potential home buyers do not look into the lenders before they begin their search for a home. If this type of home buyer decides on a home and proceeds to make an offer, a mortgage lender must be contacted to see if the customer can even qualify for a loan to purchase the prospective property. When real estate agents partner with a mortgage lender, qualifying and assigning loans is much easier because there is already an assembled team ready to do everything they can to close this client. Not only does this partnership make a real estate agent’s job smoother, this also helps ensure that your clients are satisfied because you can recommend a mortgage lender that you trust and one you know will be efficient, timely, and have their best interest in mind when recommending the perfect loan product. This pyramid structure benefits all parties involved (the client, real estate agent, and mortgage lender).

Smart Partnership
Because mortgage lenders and real estate agents are the two most needed components of any home buying transaction, it is only logical to work together and form a partnership. Real estate agents need mortgage lenders for sales to be finalized and mortgage lenders need real estate agents to connect them with clients who need financing options. Forming a strong business relationship with a mortgage lender will make a positive impact on your real estate business and the client’s experience with you.

Trusted Communication
At Fairway Independent Mortgage, we truly believe that the partnership between a real estate agent and a mortgage lender is one of the most beneficial relationships there is in our business. Not only do these partnerships help both entities, but it is also reassuring to know that you will have open communication with your client’s mortgage lender every step of the way. You will always be current on their status in the loan process, notified of any changes, and confident in closing your client with Fairway. Contact us today!



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